1.Why are your pills cheaper than in a pharmacy?
Because we sell the so-called generics of famous drugs (exact certified copies). Generics are drugs that are produced by a company that does not spend money on their development and testing. That is, the company needs to invest in production – and the drug is ready. As a rule, due to this, it is possible to save several billion dollars, and therefore, generics are much cheaper than the original. The release of such drugs is permitted only after the patent expires on the original drug.

2.Where are the drugs you sell?
All products sold in our online pharmacy are manufactured in leading pharmaceutical factories in India, undergo strict quality control, meet the highest safety standards and are completely identical to the corresponding original drugs. Do you guarantee the quality of your products? Yes, we guarantee! Our products are 100% original!

3.I do not understand drugs types. Which one suits me better?
All drugs have the same effect, and the principle of action. Only active substances and duration of action are distinguished. The active ingredient of VIAGRA is Sildenafil. The active ingredient in LEVITRA is vardenafil. The active substance of Cialis is tadalafil. Conventional drugs are taken orally, soft drug variants are absorbed under the tongue, 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Drugs dilate the blood vessels of the penis during sexual arousal. As a result, blood flow in the penis increases, which contributes to the onset of a normal erection.

4.What else do I need to know about your drugs?
Drugs contribute to the onset of erection ONLY in the presence of sexual arousal! Do not take more than one tablet per day! What do you need to make an order? Add the goods to the basket, register on the site, carefully and completely fill out all the fields with information for delivery! Stay in touch, without confirmation by phone we will not send you an order. Indicate in the note to the order a convenient time for a call, if necessary.

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